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In the last Update was an new improvement out so irontrapdoors will not be open without pressure Plates,buttons or lever!

But how should we open irondoors on Spawn than? You should add pressure Plates or buttons into the Spawns where Iron Doors are! Thanks this will improve the Spawns a little bit and irondoors can be open their than!


BlueTangs Rock3
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To help clarify, basically since iron doors were intended to be in Spawnzones before the Redstone update, Iron doors now require redstone when they didn't before, which means that Iron doors now lock people out from places in the Spawnzones which should be fixed soon by either replacing the iron doors with wooden ones, or including redstone mechanics to allow you to open and close the iron doors.

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BlueTangs Rock3, Thanks for explaining it better for admin

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Oh, thanks! Developers working on it ;) Have a nice day!