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Admins please I am sooooooooooo look sick and tired of dieing from zombies over and over again while trying to send a message to a friend in planetcraft. The mobs do wayyyyyyyyy too much damage to players with diamond armor and too quickly I did in literally less than 3 seconds. And the most horrible and broken thing is that THE MOBS DON'T MAKE SOUND!!!!! When their hitting you can't hear them hitting they seem to hit silently and don't make SOUND its Extremely difficult to play when you can't even tell if your being killed. They moan and groan but when they hit you they randomly don't make SOUND! Its most common when I'm looking in my inventory of chatting in public or private chat or anything that puts a extra screen on the screen. I have never NEVER died so many times before in this game than now. I have probably died 10x The amount I ever had during my whole years of playing this game with its insane. I'm not trying to act like I'm all powerful and super strong but when I'm not fighting I never died I only died in PvP, other than that these stupid ninja monster glitches are the only other thing to kill me that I can think of.

Mobs going silent doesn't seem to happen when I'm walking but when I stop walking they tend to become in spy mode often. I don't exactly remember when this glitch started I think it was possibly from the new update. But please fix it. I don't want to have to find some super safeguarded building or build a mini shelter whenever I chat its inefficient and  annoying. Until this you make the mobs SOUNDS work and stop being silent and maybe need the mobs extra damage I can't stand still for a second without worries about losing hearts within seconds of silent hits!

  And yes I know this should be on the (Bug report or fix) section but literally no one cares about that area and would more or likely ignore and not think about this situation. After all this is technically survival and announcement material especially when it involves tons of  unnecessary deaths.

Thank you

Sincerely Alan.

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Yeah Hostile mobs are very broken at the moment, as there's few ways to actually prevent mob spawns as light sources will still sometimes spawn mobs, there's no way to stop them from spawning right next to you, monsters can spawn-kill you at times, and the big problem is that they're doing a ridiculously extreme amount of damage now, no matter what kind of armor you got.  *Monsters are in a serious need of a balance or Nerf, Solverlabs.*

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Sorry for all my weird words a LOT of them got auto corrected to completely random words for no reason. I'll take y to fix some of them.