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Hey Admin&Readersenlightened

Here is another Suggestion for the Game it will help the Game a little bit and improve the Workbench&Reduce the Blocks that are just in Creative! The polished Blocks from Granite,Andesite&Diorite are still not in Survial Multiplayer and we need them in our Bases!

The Diorite,Andesite and Granite Blocks are since September 2019 in the Game.

Now are they finally in Survial Multiplayer because this Cobblestone Bug is fixed,but for this Blocks is still no Crafting Recipe out! Pls let us craft every Block! Let us craft Diorite&Andesite and Granite for getting this Blocks easier,but more important is that you let us craft Polished Andesite,Granite&Diorite! We cant get this Polished Blocks in Survial Multiplayer so please work on that soon so we have more Blocks in this Mode!

I speak about this Blocks! Hope you understand what i mean and add every Crafting Recipe from them :) And too from the common Blocks Andesite,Diorite&Granite! Have an nice Day :)

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Hey, have asked developers about these blocks. Thanks!

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Gabriel N
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Andre on the video you made,are you still allowed to make anvils,polished cave blocks,horse armor,and enchanting table? and if yes,are you able to make them and give them to other people?