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Hello everybody! First of all - thank you all contest participants, i love all of your creations! But today let's congratulate Oppo for winning the [Contest] Build a House - Win Coins! Oppo won 500 coins! Yay! Below you can check the Oppo's amazing house! 

planet of cubes, house, building, build, craft,minecraft

Don't hesitate to download the game for your platform, if you haven't done it yet!

Planet of Cubes, apple, itunes planet of cubes, amazon,

planet of cubes, google play planet of cubes, free, amazon

                             planet of cubes, mac


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Omgosh well done oppo 

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hahaha niceee !! the crazy tging that i asked him if he want anything else and he said no xd . he wasnt going to publish it i guess lolz

well done dude!

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Oppo if u see this comment then add me to game ЖФJackNoMercyФЖ 

ur username is weird af so i cant write it . 

thank u 

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Top name is oppo account , well done friend 

BlueTangs Rock3
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Winner, winner, chicken dinner. :D yes

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[quote=BlueTangs Rock3]

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. :D yes

Can I eat your chicken :D

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Your co leader is proud