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Something really weird is happening. This only happens to me when I am in battle mode. The game keeps reconnecting and sometimes lag. I am in spawn and literally everyone is like "lag" "Im connecting"  "wtf is happening" Even the sky turned purple for like 10 seconds. Please fix this issue. 


plus my wifi is just fine! It works perfectly on everything except PoC. This connecting bug now happens when I try teleporting too. Takes a ton of time or just kicks me out of the game.

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It begins to get annoying slowly.

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It's SO annoying. I tried to kill some noobs but i lagged out, and died from fall damage. When it's connecting, people can still kill you. ALso out of no where, i get kicked from the game and log back on. Is this a bug or what?

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I almost died to a spider today because of this bug. If I did my honour would be rip..

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Kain the sky is always purple .-. XD

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Mine was purple until I had to exit and reload the game after I went through a portal. Also I kept constantly reconnecting,and Kohaku constantly got a restoration screen instead of reconnecting screen. Also a group of mobs kept glitching and followed after me farther than they're supposed to(maybe my hitbox location was lagging behind me?)

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BlueTangs Rock3,It Said Connecting then after few seconds it said restoration 

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I died already in PvP. And then the guy who is was fighting lagged and died himself.

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PoC is legit one of the laggiest game I've ever played. Makes me rethink still playing

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my wifi is just fine! It works perfectly on everything except PoC



the game lag when im charging my phone 

the game lag when my wifi is r strong

the game lag alot starting from midnight till 7Am

The game lag when i use phone data 

the game lag when my batter is low under 15% 

the game lag when i call someone and play n same time

the game game lag when i try to screenshot or record

the game lag when i open music and play n the same time

the game lag when i pvp with someone aloot ! 

the game lag when i jump from a high place and take damage 

the game lag .sometimes For no REASON

plus ( The game lag when poc world ( raining ) 

the game lag when i walk a forest ( alot of grass ) 

the game lag ( when i put water on grasd to get seeds )

the game lag ! . i know better then anyone else 0_0