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Here we go. The Tournament for mobile player has begun. Keep looking this post for match winners.


ALLOWED-- Food, Potions(not invisiblity), One Apple only


lava, Backup Armour,arrows


1)if your friend tp to you during match and hit your opponent even without your consent you will be disqualified.

2) No rematch allowed unless the winner of that match says yes to rematch

3) In case player don't appear for match on time and date then the one who will be present will win automatically.

4) Logging out will lead to disqualification.

5) loosing connection will lead to disqualification (get a better internet plan for match XD )


REWARD: 30 Diamond Blocks for the Last Man Standing (LMS)

J-Dog HU
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Who am i even fighting

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J-Døg HÜ Leader of SK,oopa now check

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Added Pumpkin Reaper

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What about tuo?

You Already Kno...
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Phantom Assassin,I run on data.....Idek if I'll have a router in time

Dante Verry Che...
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Thats y u get unlimited data

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Bagger DE goes to semifinals ;)

Pizza grll
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can i join ?

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Pizza grll,join next one

Pizza grll
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Karan CEO-LMS Stadium,

Next one ? 

-nah im good , No need To join the (Next one) 

i wanted join (This one) 

but since i cant join (This one) 

i wont join the (Next one) 


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Pizza grll,these players enrolled 20 days back i can't let anyone join anytime.