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I have asked this before. Should click friendslist and be able to turn on or off Auto TP or not... meaning. People can not teleport directly too you unless you accept the Teleport request... or you can level it off and they can tp without promission. 


If that was legit I would friend everybody:) then i can see who is offline or offline or name changes... -_-

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SSSandyyy SJY123, Hey, that's what I say when I agree with someone. wth :l

+1 also, but this topic has been made many times before.. Admins said devs are working on it..

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YEAH great point 

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We already talked about this 

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Hey guys!

Yes, this feature is in the process of implementation.

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PoC Master, Yeah! We've been waiting so long.

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agree lol . when i go to my friend base . i delete everyone lol so they dont tp