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We need signs so whenever i need to find something signs can guide me i won't have to look at chests one by one

But cons are is that when your being raided at short notice the Raiders will most likely take the most priceless items because the signs are pointing to where the priceless items are unless you hid your base well and I'd and also when are we adding a portal to a different realm not like land or earth terrain like lets say........  (HELL) if this is offensive you can remove the word from the thread but im thinking about POC version of the nether from minecraft and can we change the design of the diamond swords if people agree with this like its  just the design no offense but for me the pommel should be gold the hilt being african blackwood the guard being gold but middle of guard should be jewels or your choice of symbol and the blade being diamonds but everyone can  comment there design for the sword an option for teleporting to friend's I'd suggest where we can allow our friends to teleport and an option to not make them teleport to you. We should add canoes or small boats  16 wooden planks=2 boats and you press jump to get out of the boat in order to pick it up you must get it with your axe i would want to add horses that are rideable minecarts mostly fishing rods no offense bluetangs and make 1 improvement for lag unless your suggestion to reduce lag (Admins suggestions) i have 6.6 GG right now 388 ram no widgets and i only downloaded 1 game POC but downloaded other apps for school im on a GALAXY TAB E but i would want an improvement for the fpps please.

Leave your suggestions down below.. 

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Personally, I suggest that you should join my clan, Phantom. ;)

I also suggest we have a hunger games/battle PvP mode on PoC. It could have it's own slot on the game menu.

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What if we had banners for our clans

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Teonato, if we had in-game groups for clans built-in on the friends list...