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Pizza grll
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a glitch happened and i wasnt playing so i couldnt get any benefits from it but nvm ! 

anyway i just wanted to ask something .

spawn area should protect players and other stuff but in the glitch u could kill or destroy anything inside and out of spawn . 

how the admins dealing with this big glitch... i know it fixed but u cant get back the loot and the kills that player took from inside spawn .  

((Important :- When u die outside spawn u respawn inside spawn area where u can get full health and reset ur stuff and then go outside spawn to revenge urself or do whatever but when this glitch happened and someone killed you will just respawn *above his head* and another death to the list)) isnt this unfair? 

and i wonder how many joined and got no protection and left!! 

its so easy now for anyone to die because after all ( he got loot from spawn why would he even care about what he got ) . 

i just want to know will the admins let the players keep the loot or Nope . 

all im asking is Justice for whoever dead and lost and didnt got any benefits from spawn while other did got ! admins i know that u can get into anyone private chest and can see everything

and 1 more question ( Did hotmess dead or anyone killed him? ) that guy never leaves spawn grrr

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Hotmess was killed yesterday out of spawn. I dont think the admins would do anything maybe they did it on purpose.And people who were attacked would have just ran away by teleporting which many of them did .It would be impossible as admins dint know how many things a player had before for example diamonds how can they check that for people who have from before.Even if admins somehow do it players will keep there stiff in there bases thus they cant be taken.(there cant be justice)

Pizza grll
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Äłlën, well . this is kinda true  !

and what ?? hotmess left spawn !! thats a really good step for him lol . hope next step he dig a dirt block!!

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Haha I just killed him today