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Hello everybody, today we will talk about apples from Survival Multiplayer Mode! There are ordinary red apple, golden and golden enchanted apples that cause different effects when have been eaten.


To get red apple you need to break a lot of oak leaves with any tool except shears. This is a hard work as one apple can be obtained with probability of 0,5% from oak leaves.

To get golden apple you need 8 gold ingots and 1 apple. 

To get golden enchanted apple you need 8 gold blocks and 1 apple. Sounds expensive, right? Is this one apple worthily so much work and so many recources? Read below and you will decide! 


Red apple can't cause any effect. But when eaten it restores 2 hunger bars.

Golden Apple cause 2 effects: Absorpsion for 2 minites and Regeneration II for 5 seconds. When eaten golden apples restore 2 hunger bars.

Golden Enchanted Apple cause 4 effects!!! Can you belive in it? These effects are Absorpsion IV for 2 minutes, Regeneration II for 2 minutes, Fire Resistance for 5 minutes, Resistance for 5 minutes. And this apple also restores 2 hunger bars! So give your answer now: is this apple worth such hard work to be obtained and so many gold resources? 

For better visibility, please watch the video overview about Red Apple and Golden Vs Enchanted Apples! Please like the video, subscribe to our Youtube Channel not to miss latest videos!

I hope that this news is helpful for you, please add your comments below! :) 


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BlueTangs Rock3
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Are you able to make golden apples replenish 3 hunger bars,and Enchanted Golden apples replenish 4 hunger bars?

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BlueTangs Rock3, now all apples restore 2 full hunger bars.. the main difference between these apples are effects ;)

G-H-E HonoraryP...
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pocadmin wrote:

BlueTangs Rock3, now all apples restore 2 full hunger bars.. the main difference between these apples are effects ;)


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Wow,  thanks... I was afraid to waste an enchanted golden apple on having to test it, but not anymore

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TUO, I wasted mine to test it. =-=

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Awww man... But there aren't as many players on the amazon underground server,  so it must not be so hard to find gold in the ground, right?