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Humm de doo
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So, I've begun to notice behavior that I find.. Peculiar. The teleportation button is great, saves long trips from A to B from friend to friend, but there is a slight problem with this button.

People can just teleport whenever they like. It's one of the hazards of having too many friends, that some are a bit nosy and teleport all over the place. Lately friends and I have had too bribe people to teleport away from our bases because they can do such things freely. 

So, why not add something that will let you stop the teleportation? Like a disable button? I'm tired of getting raided by people I'm friends with all the time.


But wait, I'm not done! 

A report button would be great also. Not everyone is kind on the game, and having younger siblings playing the game around creeps who like to roleplay and/or say things that aren't really child appropriate scare me at times. A report button would do great things for us peeps actually wanting to stay out of drama and get it out of the game so we can play happily.


And finally my last idea for the game!

If a report button is a bit out of hand, why not something to censor the chat? Maybe a setting or something to block those words from the chat. And it would be best to include the abbreviations of the words too so kids don't get hints on those. 


Thanks for reading this, this was just a large group of thoughts that my friends and I came up with! I hope you can at least take them into consideration.

PoC Master
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Hi there!

Teleport permissions are already in progress. We are working on this feature for a long time already. It will be added to the game in future versions. We have chat filter in the game, but if there are some issues with it, or some combinations are leaking through, you can share them with me via private messages or tap "?" in the main menu of the game, select "Report a problem" and describe it detally to us.

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