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Hello everybody!

Please take part in the poll here. And tell us where have you downloaded the game, on what store?

All votes are highly appreciated! yes

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Well when I first played the game I was a Google play player but that tab broke

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Thing I don't get is..... Exactly 2 thirds more have voted Amazon Underground (18) and only 1 third Amazon Appstore (6) what kind of logic is this?  xD and on google play store it shows either over 100,000 downloads or 1,000,000 downloads, I forget, but that means so few actually go on forums, same people I see posting here all the time and I like it because you and them get to knjow each other better, but hate it because there's the same views on topics, especially new updates.

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Kieranb,some people bought the game whiteout Amazon underground which is free