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I was Enjoying My Name Game RPG and i learned they have a pretty neat Guild Systems of 100 Members max and Guild Member Tags with the names ... Guilds are always in Brackets  ( ). And ther is a guild chat and private chat...



A other neat thing is there is a system where players can correct grammer to asist game admins and the admins reward free 10000 supplies and the content is unlimited. 


Couldnt poc players help Admins in anyway? Or Clans have a good effective guild systems....


Like teleport Promission... like when you telepirt to a friend the player you wish to teleport to you has a Special setting.... like in there settings there is Free Teleport were u can teleport like normal.... and there is Promission teleport or teleport lock.... this way it sloves the random teleport problem... 



Like white box is already a project...

Maybe for the inspiration topic pocadmin can say everyone must build a castle or pool and clan with best pool or castle gets 1000 coins this way more forum topics are made and players can have s art or job system in game...

Pocadmib can say Sunday who ever must help build a ship or whatever etc 


Couldnt poc think of these ideas??? 

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Rayder, I know Where not friends but...

Awesome suggestions man I Like ityes

Some of ur suggestions were also in my head.


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The idea is great. We will think what we can do from the list above :)