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For the next super big update you should add these

1. When you click play it takes you to a lobby where you can hang out chat and go to other game modes

2. Add more game modes such as Creative offline, Mini games, Survival Factions, RP, and Survival offline

3. Add mini games like death run, TNT rush, Survival games, and Sky block

4. Add daily challenges for all the game modes and when you complete them you get 10-20 coins

5. For Survival factions a faction should need 5 members to become official to prevent spam factions

6. Add levels and titles

7. Add custom mini games where you can build your own parkour/PvP/adventure maps

8. Add tickets which you get daily like coins only you get 20 tickets can be bought with coins and are used to play mini games

9. For the lobby add the option to hide players and only show friends

10. Make it so you can join friends in mini games 

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Thank you for the suggestions. Some of them will be added to the game soon!

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I like the mini games im using my tickets wisely

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Nice! yes