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So how the theory of World Terrain goes is that the terrain repeats and are based on the spawn zones,which it's set of terrain goes on until around half way to the next spawn zone,so around 50 coordinates distance in a direction between the spawn zones are 100 coordinates away,or 25 coordinates if the distance between the spawn zones are 50 coordinates away(I forget which one's the actual distance,Lol),and past the half way point,the other spawn zone's terrain starts to appear until the spawn zone. Then after that,goes through it and repeats that distance again until it goes halfway to the spawn zone after that. Also These spawn zones are switched around,ordered,or arranged in a way that makes sense(for example you most likely will never see a snow biome spawn's surrounding terrain collide into a dessert biome spawn's surrounding terrain),and also to a way that you wouldn't notice that terrain repeats unless you really pay attention,and travel very far. Also there could also be multiple spawn zones that have the same biomes in surrounding terrain as another one,so an individual biome can be slightly varied. So Basically in theory,if new spawns with new surrounding terrain is added in world chunks no one's loaded in before,we could potentially have new blocks,generated structures,biomes,and terrain unique to those new spawns. So I'm going to suggest new spawn zones and surrounding terrain,as well as existing terrain improvements.

First I'll start off with new spawn zones for new types of biomes and terrain.

EDIT from HOURS(actually 2 hours and 50 minutes to be exact supposedly)of typing later: Disclaimer guys, I got all crazy in detail about suggesting different ocean biomes that I ran out of time to talk about anything else(typical of me,xD),so sometime soon I'll talk about the other biomes that I would've suggested,and put a link Here: ... when that post exists,but I worked hard on suggesting the oceans for PoC on this post,so enjoy this part of the suggestion!  Now back to BlueTangs Rock from hours agooooo.....Lol.

•Ocean: so if you went exploring enough,we could all agree that we have no actual deep or varied oceans in our current terrain,so why not add a few spawn zone that it's terrain radius is almost completely consisted of oceans? The spawn zones could be island based(the spawn zone could be like a big island with multiple types of possible climates or terrains),coastal town based(self explanatory),boat based(the spawn zone could be a huge ship),and sunken based(partly or completely submerged in water). In this biome ships,shiprecks,islands,sandbars,and trenches can appear. The Ocean biomes can also be temperate,cold,frozen,tropical,kelp forest,mushroom,shallow,and deep oceans. In the temperate oceans,it's just stereotypical oceans: occasional shallow and deep parts that don't go as deep as other certain ocean types,containing islands,ships,and shipwrecks,as well as patches of mossy cobblestone,sponges,limestone,basalt(in the deeper parts),aleage stone,various aquatic plants,sea anemones,shells,clams,starfish,sea urchins,barnicles, mud(to replace dirt patches that would generate at the bottom of the oceans,but underground,there will still be regular dirt),sand,gravel,clay,coarse dirt,and stone. In the mid depth points of this biome type would sometimes have giant Kelp. It's islands consists of temperate biomes like forests,swamps,plains,etc. but not hot,humid,or cold biomes. In some parts of the temperate oceans,there would actually be trenches that would make it's terrain go down deeper than normal,and here sea fans,sea cucumbers,and cobblestone can also occur on the way down,and can have magma(the solid non-lava blocks that are on MineCraft),obsidian,and lava could appear in small patches along the bottom. In the deeper parts of the trench aquatic plants,cobblestone,and aleage stone will eventually stop generating.

In the cold oceans,it has a more colder environment,it has more deeper water than shallow water,but normal won't go as deep as the deep oceans,it's islands consists or colder biomes such as warm taiga,cold tiaga,extreme hills,etc. But not the coldest biomes. Ships,shiprecks,and also ice bergs can occur. Here,sponges,sea anemones,sea creatures blocks(shells,clams,starfish,barnicles,and sea urchins),aquatic plants,and mossy cobblestone is slightly less common then in temperature oceans, but by much. The average ocean floor(not near the shores of land or islands,or deeper points like trenches)is more consistent of gravel and coarse dirt than mud,sand,or clay. In the more shallower parts of this biome type would occasionally have giant Kelp. In the deeper parts of this ocean type basalt,stone,cobblestone,and gravel are common,and trenches are slightly more common in this biome type,which contains the same things as temperate ocean trenches.

Frozen Oceans are like cold oceans,but it snows,it has sea ice layers though out most of it's surface,no giant kelp will generate here,mossy cobblestone,aquatic plants,and aleage stone are uncommon,sponges only generate in the more shallower points,and less sea creature (shells,clams,starfish,sea urchins,barnicles,and sea anemones)than most ocean biome types. This biome is also slightly deeper terrain on average than the cold ocean,but only by a few more blocks,and trenches occur at the same rate as in cold oceans are slightly deeper than they in temperate and cold oceans. The same type and rate of ocean bottom blocks from cold oceans are in Frozen Oceans. Here,ships are rare,shiprecks are slightly more common than ships,and Icebergs are common. The islands on these oceans consist of cold biomes like cold tiaga,tundra,ice spikes,etc. The trenches in this biome have more magma,obsidian,and lava at the bottom,and even consist of occasional hydraulic ocean vents(I think they're called),that are a mound-like,volcano shape,and consists of obsidian,magma,lava,cobblestone,stone,basalt,and gravel,and has magma and lava inside,and at the top of the structure,also in the upcoming update of Minecraft,magma under water will cause a bubble trail that goes to the water's surface(that will cause items and boats to sink),and if the magma in the ocean vents have a bubble trail like on upcoming MineCraft,it would help make the hydraulic ocean vents come to life. The sea fans and sea cummbers in the trenches are slightly more uncommon in the frozen ocean's trenches,and around the hydraulic ocean vents,tube worms will also generate.

Mushroom Oceans are like temperate oceans,but some of the islands would become mushroom biomes,which are usually large size islands,and these islands are covered in mycelium,patches of coarse dirt,giant mushrooms,moss,fungi,litchen,fungi stone(a block that has the textures of cracks,holes,litchen,moss,and fungi on it,and this replaces most stone on mushroom islands,but stone in the oceans are still regular stone),and various mushrooms. In the caves of mushroom islands will be covered in vines,mushrooms,moss,fungi,and litchen,ocasional giant mushroom,and could even consist of glowing cave mushrooms,and very rare patches of Soulsand which has Nether warts growing on it.

Tropical oceans are somewhat shallow oceans that mostly consist of sand,gravel,and limestone as it's average depth ground. In this biome ships are as common as they are in temperate oceans,and shiprecks are slightly more common,common parts of this biome also consists of coral reefs and sponges,sea creature blocks(shells,clams,starfish,sea urchins,barnicles,and sea anemones)are very common,and even sea cummbers and sea fans can generate in the reefs. in large parts of this biome,especially around reefs,aquatic plants are slightly uncommon,however,in the shallower parts,mud and clay is more common,and that's where tons of aquatic plants,mossycobblestone,and aleage stone generate. The islands on this ocean type consists of humid and hot biomes like jungles,oasis,deserts,flowerforest,savannas,and mesas. In this ocean type,tropical oceans tend not to get very deep,but will sometimes have some trenches. Giant kelp in this ocean generates around the same rate as in temperate oceans,but only in places away from coral reefs.

Kelp forest oceans have a mostly gravel,mossy cobblestone,and aleage stone bottom,and are at a mostly mid-level depth,and giant kelp is extremely common as it takes up a large part of this biome,other plants,and sea creature blocks are quite common here. Ships and shiprecks are somewhat uncommon. Islands that generate in here are temperate biomes.

Shallow Oceans are like temperate oceans,but normally don't go deep,and aquatic plants,mossycobblestone,aleage stone,and sea creature blocks are more common than in the temperate ocean,but kelp is around the same rate. The ocean floor in this biome consists of slightly More mud,coarse dirt,and clay then temperate oceans,but sand and gravel are also common. The islands on this ocean type can consist of a high variety of climate types including temperate,humid/tropical,and hot biomes,there's also mangrove swamps in some parts of this ocean,and Lilly pads are occasionally generated in these oceans near land and islands.

Deep oceans are oceans that are almost completely deep open ocean that in some cases would have no ground until trench level,treches are very common here,and these trenches are the biggest and deepest of any other trenches in the other oceans,with the bottom of lots of them near bedrock layer even with exposing diamonds and gold(but good luck getting down there),and hydraulic ocean vents,and tube worms are common,and since a large part of this ocean's bottom is at deep trench level,sea fans and sea cucumbers have more space to generate. Also at the bottom of this ocean,whale skeletons structures made from bone blocks occasionally would generate. Most plants are non existent in this biome,execept uncommon amounts of mossy cobblestone,and aleage rock in the not as deep(but still quite deep)parts of this ocean type. Sea creature blocks also have the same generation rate as they do in the temperate ocean. Ships and shiprecks are common in this biome. This biome is really good for those who want to have a huge,deep underwater base. 

That's it for now, I hope you enjoyed this suggestion,more will probably come out soon! :D

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What do you guys think about this suggestion so far?

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Good ideas!laugh