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Hey! Today I'm suggesting on how to improve some of the mobs present in both WoC and PoC.

Turkey: •should drop 1-6 feathers,0-6 bone shards(3 bone shards craft into 1 bone),and 1 raw turkey on death. Every 15-20 minutes while the Turkey is alive,it will drop turkey eggs,and they have a 1/16 chance to spawn a baby turkey,and a 1/200 chance to spawn in 4 baby turkeys(the same chances as chicken eggs).

•turkeys shouldn't take fall damage like how it works with chickens.

•when the player attacks,the turkeys should be passive,but if mobs attack it,it should attack back until 75% of it's health is gone,then it'll run away from the attacking mob.

•Turkey eggs(along with chicken eggs) should have a slight chance to drop from leaves when broken(to represent nests)

•Turkeys will have a 5% chance to spawn as baby versions of themselves(like how it is for animals in MineCraft Pocket Edition)

•Turkeys should be able to "eat" any type of seeds that are dropped on the ground,and once the seeds are "eaten",they will instantly go into love-mode,and if 2 turkeys are both in love-mode and are close enough to each other,they will breed and produce a baby turkey,and the parent Turkeys won't breed until the breeding cooldown,however,If the Turkey in love-mode didn't get to breed,then as soon as you give them food,or they "eat" some dropped seeds,they will re-enter love-mode. If an animal enters love-mode,they will also get a regeneration effect for a short time

•Turkeys will sometimes destroy tall grass and ferns to obtain seeds.

Sheep: •if you feed a sheared sheep food that will bring it to love-mode(should be wheat,tall grass,and ferns), the sheep will re-grow it's wool without having to eat dirt-with-grass blocks.

•sheep should drop raw mutton on death(a solely WoC suggestion there),along with 0-6 bone shards

•sheep will sometimes destroy tall grass and ferns to obtain tall grass and ferns(the plants will drop themselves opon being destroyed by sheep,similar to being destroyed by shears)

•Sheep will have a 5% chance of spawning as a baby version of themselves

•sheep will "eat" wheat,tall grass,and ferns dropped on the ground,and will go through the same breeding process as Turkeys.

Spider: •spiders will sometimes drop 0-4 raw spider meat(raw replenishes 1 hunger bar,and has a 70% chance of giving you the hunger effect,and 30% chance of giving you poison,and cooked replenishes 2 hunger bars,and only has 10% chance of giving you the hunger effect,and 5% chance of giving you the poison effect)on death.

•at night,spiders will attack animals unprovoked,and will attack wolves if wolves attack them.

•spiders will have a 5% chance to spawn as a baby version of themselves

•spiders can "eat" any meat items dropped on the ground,and will have the same breeding process as Wolves(up next/to lazy to type it again,Lol).

•spiders can place cobwebs every 10-20 minutes,and spiders can climb up cobwebs,and won't receive fall damage if the spider is on a cobweb(because spiders are the only mob that doesn't get slowed down in cobwebs,thus they fall down faster in cobwebs than other mobs). Spiders will also try to force animals and NPCs into cobwebs to slow their prey down.


•should drop leather often on death,along with 0-6 bone shards. Wolves should also have a 5% chance to drop 1 of any raw animal meat(what the wolf had for super! Lol).

•wolves should also attack unprovoked at other mobs such as animals,and spiders at night the same way they do to the player

•there should be a 5% chance that wolves will spawn as baby versions of them selves

•Wolves should be able to "eat" raw/cooked porkchops,raw/cooked mutton,raw/cooked rabbit,raw/cooked beef,raw/cooked  chicken,raw/cooked turkey,raw/cooked spider meat,rottenflesh,fish,and other kinds of meat that are dropped on the ground,and if an individual wolf "eats"(the mob picks up the item,and put's it in a special inventory,that the player can't access even on the mob's death)at least 10 of any meat item in total,then the wolf will become willing to breed,and will go in love-mode every couple of minutes,and if 2 wolves are in love-mode,and are near enough to each other,then they will breed,produce a baby wolf,and will no longer be willing to breed(because the at least 10 meat items required are removed after breeding). This mechanic is similar to MineCraft Villager breeding,and is the only way that you can breed certain animals like wolves and spiders(they can never be hand-feed,just auto-feed).

Pigs: •pigs will sometimes drop leather,along with 0-6 bone shards.

•pigs will have a 5% chance to spawn as a baby version of themselves

•pigs will sometimes destroy tall grass and ferns to obtain beetroot(when pigs destroy tall grass and ferns,the beetroot seeds drop would be replaced by the actual beetroot,so pigs can naturally obtain a food item. There will additionally be a small chance for grass and ferns to drop carrots and potatoes when pigs destroy it. Pigs will also destroy mushrooms.

•pigs will "eat" carrots,potatoes,beetroot,mushrooms,and apples(however,pigs won't eat mushrooms and apples hand-feed) dropped on the ground,and will have the same breeding process as Turkeys,and sheep.

Chicken: •chickens should drop 0-6 boneshards,along with their current mob drops.

•shearing chickens or other bird type mobs with shears will give you 1 feather,but will also deal 0.5 hearts of damage to the sheared bird,so if you heal the bird after 2 or 3 shearings,you should have infinite feathers from a single bird,unless you kill it. In this mechanic,shears would also become a strange attack method on any bird type monsters that could be added in the possible,but most likely very far off future.

•chickens will run from predatory animals,and monsters

•chickens will have a 5% chance to spawn as a baby version of themselves

•when an egg item's about to despawn,it'll actually throw the egg on the block,so instead of despawning,the egg can have a 1/16 chance of spawning a baby chickens,or a 1/200 chance of spawning 4 baby chickens(this mechanic can also be used for saplings,flowers,tall grass/ferns,pumpkin blocks,Melon blocks,sugarcanes,cactus, mushrooms,and crop seeds being auto-planted if they are about to despawn on their appropriate placing blocks,dirt variant blocks,farmland,and sand).

•chickens will destroy tall grass and ferns to obtain seeds

•chickens can "eat" any seed types,and Nether Warts(Nether Warts can't be hand-feed to chickens) dropped on the ground,and will have the same auto-breeding process as Turkeys,sheep,and pigs

Slime: Slimes should spawn in other skins with different colors such as a more distinct green,a more distinct blue,yellow,red,purple,pink,white,black,orange,and brown(similar to Slimes in Terraria),but with a very slight slime green backgrounding color to it.

•Slimeballs could be edible?(since it doesn't have that many active uses)It could replenish 1 hunger bar I guess? I dunno,should slime be edible? After all,us PoC players eat spider eyes,and rotten flesh,and raw fish&potatoes that were in a zombie's pocket,so edible slime wouldn't be that bad.

•at night,slimes should attack animals(including wolves and spiders,but only if they are the big slimes)unprovoked

•Slimes should uncommonly or rarely drop raw meat type items, eggs,beetroot,carrots,potatoes,sugarcanes,blue orchids, mushrooms,sticks,bones,string,leather,feathers, vines,and lily pads(because that's probably the stuff that the slimes are eating,or trampling on as they roam around the swamps)

•Slimes will "eat" any kind of food,mushrooms,sugarcanes,and vines dropped on the ground,and they have the same breeding process as Wolves,and spiders.

•Cow: •cows will drop 0-6 bone shards along with their current mob drops.

•if cows are attacked by the player,they'll remain passive,but if it's attacked by a mob,they will attack the other mob until 75% of it's health is gone,then it'll run away from the mob that was attacking them. Cows also try to avoid Zombies by trying to walk away from them,unless attacked by one,then they'll run from the zombie that attacked it.

•Cows will have a 5% chance to spawn as a baby version of themselves

•cows should also be breed by tall grass and ferns

•Cows will destroy tall grass and ferns to obtain tall grass and ferns(those 2 plants will drop themselves when mined by a cow,similar to being mined by a sheep or shears). They will also destroy certain flowers(listed below) and mushrooms.

•Cows will "eat" wheat,tall grass,ferns,mushrooms,yellow flowers,poppy,oxyene Daisy,and azure blulets(you can't hand-feed cows mushrooms and flowers)dropped on the ground,and has the same auto-breeding process as Turkeys,Sheep,Pigs,and Chickens.

Rabbit: •they would have a rare percent chance to drop carrots and yellow flowers on death,along with also dropping 0-6 bone shards.

•Rabbits should run away from predatory animals,monsters,and the player,unless the player's holding the items used to breed them.

•rabbits should also be breed by yellow flowers

•rabbits will destroy tall grass,and ferns to obtain carrots(if tall grass and ferns is destroyed by a rabbit,carrots will sometimes drop(slightly higher chance to drop,then when destroyed by pigs)). Rabbits will also destroy yellow flowers.

•rabbits will have a 10% chance to spawn as a baby version of themselves.

•Rabbits will "eat" carrots,golden carrots,yellow flowers,tall grass,ferns,tulips,and alliums(you can't hand-feed rabbits tulips and alliums,but they also can't destroy those plants,so you would have to destroy it for them),and they will have the same auto-breeding process as most of the passive farm animals.

Horse: •Horses should drop 0-6 bone shards along with their current mob drops

•the Horse should be tamed by repeatedly riding it,while it gets to "buck you off",or you can get the horse to "like" you faster by feeding it hay bales, you won't be able to control the horse without a saddle,and those are only obtained in generated structure chests and by fishing(when that's added),or if there has to to be a crafting recipe,it could be crafted by 3 leather,2 string,and 2 iron ingots.

•you can get leather,iron,gold,and diamond horse armor by generated structure chest,or by fishing,rare Pumpkinhead drop,or can be crafted by 7 leather and 1 wool(only the leather one is craft able,but you can dye leather horse armor into 16 color variations by adding the wanted wool color in the crafting recipe.). Horse armor will help keep your horse alive better.

•horses will have a 5% chance of spawning as a baby version of themselves

•horses can be breed by carrots,wheat,apples,beetroot,tall grass,ferns,golden apples,and golden carrots. Feed a horse golden apples/carrots will allow horses and donkeys(when they are added)to breed together to get Mules(if you feed a horse or donkey regular food,they will only breed with their own species). when a horse and donkey are breeding,golden hearts will appear in the love-mode instead of the normal red ones.

•Horses,Donkeys,and Mules can have varied stats and skills in health,speed,and jump height.

•wild,non-tamed horses,donkeys,and Mules are passive to the player,but are neutral to mobs

•Horses will destroy tall grass and ferns to obtain tall grass and ferns(the same way cows,sheep,and shears do it).

•Horses will "eat" wheat,apples,carrots,beetroot,tall grass,and ferns(Horses and Donkeys can only be hand-feed golden apples/carrots),and have the same auto-breeding process as most passive farm animal mobs.

Zombies: •at night,Zombies can attack cows,rabbits,chickens,sheep,pigs,and turkeys unprovoked.

•Zombies can drop 0-6 bone shards,along with a 3% chance of pumpkin seeds,1% chance of melon seeds,4% gold ingots,5% lapis ingots(from one of my previous suggestions),10% dirt block,5% chance for any upcoming crop seeds,10% random flower,and 1% chance of diamond ingot opon death. Also if the zombie was holding any tools,weapons,or items,or was wearing armor,they can sometimes drop that too,unless you,or another player gave it to them(by dropping it on the ground for the zombie to pick up),then they'll drop the things you gave them 100% of the time.

•over time, the "regional difficulty" will increase the more time you spend in a world chunk(regional difficulty is disabled in,and 6 world chunks radius of the spawn zones),and Zombies,skeletons,and spiders will be harder with zombies and skeletons spawning with armor and tools that becomes a stronger tier after the regional difficulty gets higher,and soon enchanted tools&armor(when that's added)will get involved too,and spiders get invisibility,speed,strength,jumpboost,and regeneration over time,however every other hostile mob other than spiders(and probably slimes,because slimes aren't concerning enough) probably shouldn't have potion buff effects.

•Zombies will "eat" any food item(except golden apples/carrots,enchanted golden apples,and rotten flesh),and have a similar breeding process than wolves,spiders,and slimes,but it's slightly different. First off,zombies needs at least 20 food items to become willing to breed,with some better quality food items counting as 2-4 food items,also there needs to be a willing male and female zombie in love-mode close enough to each other,then they'll walk side-to-side following each other for a few seconds,then they'll breed,and produce a baby male or female zombie. unlike most mobs,zombies can breed 3 times before they are no longer willing to breed.

•if you throw a splash weakness potion at a baby zombie,and feed it an apple(not by throwing it on the ground,but by feeding it like how you currently feed and breed animals),then a loud explosion+ cracking/shattering sound will play,and they baby zombie will start shaking,and emitting red potion effect particles,and they baby zombie will have the strength effect,but it's movement speed will be slowed down to the same speed as an adult Zombie(so it's easier to contain),and after 5 minutes(3.5 if contained in iron bars),a loud warping+cracking/shattering sound will play,and the baby zombie would be cured into a baby male/female NPC Villager(depends on whether the baby zombie was a male or female one),and then after a long time,the baby Villager would grow into an adult Villager,that can then breed,trade,can create automatic crop&iron golem farms,along with some extra PoC exclusive features.

Creeper: •creepers should drop 1-3 raw Creeperchops(a Creeper version of a porkchop,raw Creeperchops replenish 2.5 hunger bars,but has a 70% chance of exploding,and killing the player. Cooked Creeperchops replenish 5 hunger bars,and won't explode you after you eat it.),along with 0-6 bone shards,and a 5% chance of dropping TNT opon death.

•if a flint&steel is used on a creeper,it should force explode it.

•if a Creeper is hit by a lightning bolt(I'm not sure if that's currently added yet,and it's a rare event), it'll turn into a Super-charged Creeper,which explosion's are twice the size and damage of TNT,will have twice the health,and will drop a single diamond block,and a random music disk on death,along with the regular Creeper drops.

•when Creepers explode regularly(not forced by a Flint&steel),after 10 minutes of players being near by the area,they will respawn in the center of their previous explosion radius,and will give you a chance to kill the creeper again.

•when a Creeper is killed by a skeleton,or Pumpkinhead,they will drop 1-2 random music disks.

•Creepers are scared of cats and ocelots,and will run away from them if they're near by,and Ocelots(when added)will also kill spiders and Creepers,so it's almost always good to have an ocelot near you,unless it's dark or night(because wild ocelots should act similar to Wolves in WoC do),then you might die. Lol

•Creepers will have a 5% chance to spawn as baby versions of themselves

•Creepers will destroy tall grass,and ferns to obtain carrots and potatoes,they will also destroy mushrooms,and if none of those are around,then Creepers will attack chickens,turkeys,and rabbits.

•Creepers will "eat" wheat,beetroot,carrots,potatoes,apples,tall grass,ferns,mushrooms,raw/cooked chicken,raw/cooked turkey,and raw/cooked rabbit,and it's breeding process is similar to Wolves,Spiders,and Slimes.

Dog,&Cats: •Dogs and Cats shouldn't spawn naturally(WoC Suggestion),and should only be obtained by taming a baby wolf or ocelot 1-8 bones,beef,mutton,porkchops,chicken,turkey,or rabbit(for wolves) fish,chicken,turkey,rabbit,Creeperchop,spider eye(for ocelots),or 8-20 of those items if you want to tame an adult one.

•Dogs and Cats should have a sit,follow,and free move mode

•Dogs will help you in battles,and Cats will help scare away Creepers

•if Dogs and Cats take damage,then their tails will get lower and lower down,until they die,but if you heal them by feeding them food,their tails will get higher up again,until they're at full health,and go into love-mode. Dogs and cats also can't auto-breed.

•cats will automatically try to sit on a bed(when added),chest,furnace,craftingtable,or carpet(when added) if their not already sitting and are in free move mode. Dogs will automatically try to sit on carpets too if they aren't already sitting,and are in free move mode.

•Dogs and cats should have collars,that can also be dyeable by dyes(when added).

•Dogs,Cats,and tamed mobs shouldn't be able to despawn.

•if a Dog,cat,or animal you tamed dies,a death message of the dead pet will appear on your in-game chat,so you would know if your pet died,or just ran off.

Pumpkinhead: •Pumpkinheads will have a 5% chance of dropping random horse armor,2% of a random piece of Pumpkinhead armor,along with dropping 0-6 bone shards,all Zombie loot(except iron ingots will drop at a 10% chance instead of a 5% opon death),5% chance of dropping pumpkin monster seeds(later in the suggestion list)and 1-2 carved pumpkins open death.

•if a Pumpkinhead is attacked or killed by an Axe,it'll have a 20% chance of spawning in a pumpkin monster(an Evil pumpkin creature with vine-like,spider-like legs,and is as fast as a baby zombie,and deals 1.5 hearts of damage per hit,and has 10 HP.),and turning the original Pumpkinhead into just a zombie with the Pumpkinhead's armor.

•you should be able to deflect the Pumpkinhead's pumpkin projectiles like how you can with MineCraft's Ghast's fireball projectiles.

•Pumpkinheads should have a 2% chance to drop a random piece Pumpkinhead armor(chestplate,leggings,or boots),and if you wear Pumpkinhead chest plate,leggings,boots,and also wear a pumpkin on your head,then Pumpkinheads won't attack you unless you attack them(this disguise won't work on Advanced Pumpkinheads though). Pumpkinhead armor can also be crafted by 8 iron blocks(chest plate),7 iron blocks(leggings),or 4 iron blocks(boots).

•if a Pumpkinhead is striked by a lightning bolt,they will become an Advanced Pumpkinhead,which wears a dark version of Diamond Armor,has a larger,more red colored Pumpkin as a head,deals 3.5 hearts of damage,has 30 health,and if attacked by an axe,has a 30% chance of turning into an Advanced Pumpkin Monster(the variation of Pumpkinheads with spider-leg like vine legs,and stuff)(which has the same abilities as the original Advanced Pumpkinhead,execpt it has no projectiles,but the melee attack damage is the same,and it's faster,but it'll also spawn with the same damage that the original Advanced Pumpkinhead took),and if killed,the Advanced Pumpkinhead/Pumpkin Monster will drop 1-3 diamond blocks,and 0-6 diamonds opon death.they can also drop 1-6 Pumpkin monster seeds,and 0-9 vines. Advanced Pumpkinheads can also reproduce by itself(because it's an actual plant instead of a pumpkin monster possessing a Zombie)by spreading/spawning(Pumpkin monster "crops" are a mob,not nessicarily a block) in Pumpkin monster seeds on the ground,that will stay on the block that they were  placed on,until soon enough(1.5 minutes),they will grow into a Pumpkin monster(or 5% will spawn as a Advanced Pumpkin monster),then they will act as Pumpkin Monsters(or Advanced versions of them if they spawned as one), until they find a zombie "host",and then will attack the zombie to death,and then it'll turn into a Pumpkinhead,or Advanced Pumpkinhead(if the zombie was killed by an Advanced Pumpkin monster),and they will try to help out the first Advanced Pumpkin monster in the Player VS Mob battle. However,if you place a Pumpkin Monster seed on farmland,and near light,then the Pumpkin(or Advanced) Monster,and the Pumpkinheads they turn into will be friendly to players,and can then be given 1-12 flowers(or plants) to be tamed to you,and they can help you out in battles,even PvP ones,or can be given a carved pumpkin,Jack-o-lantern,or Pumpkin pie to become a regular,hostile Pumpkin monster(if it's tamed to someone,and you turned it hostile,then it'll only be hostile to players who gave them pumpkin related items,instead of just to everyone). Tamed Pumpkinheads,and Advanced Pumpkinheads wear dark gold armor(to help you know if a Pumpkinhead's your pet,or a wild hostile one),and Tamed Pumpkin head monsters have a yellow tint to their textures,and untamed friendly Pumpkinhead monsters have a green tint to their textures.

•overtime,pumpkinhead projectiles,arrows,and splash potions will brake glass,but a way to avoid that problem is by using obsidian glass(in a previous suggestion. Also obsidian glass isn't as expensive as you think,as a single obsidian block can craft 9 obsidian shards to smelt into obsidian glass,so basically you can make 9 obsidian glass out of a single obsidian block) in construction instead.

•at night,Pumpkin heads will sometimes attack animals unprovoked,but will usually just destroy tall grass and ferns to obtain carrots,potatoes,and beetroots(replaces beetroot seeds when Pumpkinheads destroy the grass),and they will also destroy mushrooms.

•Punpkinheads will "eat" any food(except Pumpkin pie,rotten flesh,melon slices,spider eyes,golden apples/carrots,and enchanted golden apples)that is dropped on the ground,and has the same auto-breeding process as Zombies. Baby Pumpkinheads won't burn in sunlight,but they are as slow as the adults.the pumpkin on the baby Pumpkinhead's head,will be a green pumpkin(because most baby pumpkins are green).

•Pumpkinheads will have a 5% chance to spawn as baby versions of themselves.

This is it for now,I'll add more later.



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Pretty much the only mob that is left to suggest an improvement on are the skeletons,but most of the wanted changes I thought up about them are already addressed in the creeper,Zombie,and Pumpkinhead list. The only suggestions I thought up left for them is: •wolves will attack Skeletons

•skeletons will sometimes spawn with swords,axes,and shovels

•skeletons will have a 5% chance to spawn as baby versions of themselves,but they can't breed. Baby skeletons are fast,and deal just 0.5 hearts less damage then the adult skeletons,and also don't burn in the day,but they also only have 14 HP.

•skeletons will have a 5% chance to drop their skull on death(same thing goes for the other hostile mobs and their heads)

•skeletons have a 5%(and 5% of those will spawn as babies)chance of spawning as wither skeletons(this same percentage should also be for Zombies spawning as Zombie Pigmen)

Also 70% of Skeletons in snow biomes will spawn as strays(a more deadly,snow biome variant of MineCraft's Skeletons)(this same percentage should also be for Zombies spawning as husks in desserts,tropical beaches,mesas,and Savannahs)

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I hope Solverlabs adds these features

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noob do not lik te post

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Noob wrote:

noob do not lik te post

Whatever,you're not Pocadimin anyways. At least I try to make suggestions. Let's see you make a decent PoC suggestion with actual grammar! -__-

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Must add doge

Doge is doge tang is life doge is gawd

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These are some of the suggestions I think will become useful inside game :D 

*BEDS- Used for sleeping during night/used to pass time (3 pieces of wool & 3 pieces of wood) Beds should be made with any color wool and wood


*Couch- Relaxation time/Somewhere to sit (6 pieces of any color wool & 12 pieces of any wood type)

*TV- I was thinking about like having a TV to tell you all the news that's going on, weather forecast, etc.;They're should be different types of TVs like, Flat Screen, Box TV, etc. ;Box TV (32 pieces of black iron, 20 pieces of Redstone and 16 pieces of iron) Flat Screen TV (64 black iron, 64 iron, and 64 Redstone) 

*KITCHEN APPLIANCES- A freezer and stove would be awesome and cupboards, etc.

*OTHER FURNITURE- lamps, flower pots, etc.


These are ideas

•Wooden Arrow, Stone Arrow, Iron Arrow, Golden Arrow, Diamond Arrow, Black Ironed Arrow, and Emerald Arrow

•Black Diamond Sword, Black Iron Sword, Emerald Sword 

I could keep writing but my hands are tiredcryingcheeky

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Alexandra,Doge approved 

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Reviving Post again.

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=) nice ideas I lie them all I hope they get added I give it a 50000/50000

BlueTangs Rock3
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Brian wrote:

=) nice ideas I lie them all I hope they get added I give it a 50000/50000

Thanks! :D

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Add iguanas and turtles then ill be happy

BlueTangs Rock3
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J-Døg HÜ GHE wrote:

Add iguanas and turtles then ill be happy

Yeah, I would like to see more atmospheric,and wild animals in the game like fish,insects,squirpions,rodents,reptiles,amphibians, and birds at the least but I would still suggest more in the future. Also the rest of MineCraft's animals and monsters.

BlueTangs Rock3
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I know that this is an old post, but I would still like to see this in PoC

BlueTangs Rock3
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I might have to make an updated version mentioning the new PoC mobs