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How is it going friends? 

My name is Karan and i am 22 years old. I have a message for you all kids. By kids i mean those who are younger than me. Ok here am not making fun of anyone by calling him or her a kid. You are kid for me cuz you are younger.

Somehow believe it or not or u can make fun of this but people older than you definitely have more experience and better opinion towards life. You can count your parents in it.

An average person lives for about 60 years and after this we all are going to die leaving behind all your memories and family.

But we all have already spent 15+ years in playing these games and spending hours on social media and phones and other things like this.


 Only 35 years of your life are left..

Of which 4-5 years would be spent on completing your studies.

So 30 years of your life are left or even less,if you will spend more years on games and other stuffs.

Life is a precious thing god has given to you. 

The world Outside is much better and beautiful then a game inside your gadget.  

Close your eyes and ask yourself "where did your 15-17 years(your age) go? " 

Even i am jobless today and just want to say that you all can become officers :) just quit gaming and enjoy working on yourself and no one needs someone's company or help in this. 


Do you still want to get controlled by a device which was created by human(you) or want to play in the world created by god for you?

  Think about it once :)


*Game developers don't enjoy there games but they enjoys life*

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Keep God out of forums.

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I have no preferred religion 

RedTangs Rock3
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Uh Karan nice preaching and stuff but dont say stuff like that in the forums some people dont know what god is

RedTangs Rock3
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ive known people with bad experiences 

RedTangs Rock3
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And helloooooooo! This is summer vacation dummy XD