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i think that players get bored from the game im talking about pros those who have full loot inside their bases and private chest . 

surviving isnt enough 

creative isn't enough

Thanks for this beautiful game and i know how hard it is and everything is going on . 

i think u should add more challenges . 

pros are leaving 

new players are joining 

more challenge , more players . 

personally its really really really hard to not to play every 3 days . im trying to not to play because of the exams and stuff but this game is so good !! 

add more challenges like (Hunger games Arena)

pvp arena that u can pay daimond blocks to pvp someone in front of everyone . 

pvp tournaments 

Death matches 

and levels like easy for new players and hard for pros 

Im not asking u to do this for my personal fun but i ask u to do it at least this is a good idea .

try to make it as fast u can . 

its good players will love it

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I think having a hunger games-style mode for survival would be great for those who just want to kill each other. There are too many of those online roped in with those of us who just want to play survival mode for what it actually is. It’d be a great way to get rid of them, so they can get their jollies out there, and leave everyone else alone.