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why just why whenever i push this my fps become ( 0 ) 

no no not ( 0 ) i mean big (0) . 

from 30 to 50 and when i push that my fps get down so fast to 0 and not thats only ... my game lags for like 1 full minute after that . 

fix it please and thanks !!!

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It had always happened to me too, except it only lasted a few secs

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Wtf even 41 is low -.- are you on a Mac? I just push "C" to clear chat. There are options on other devices to clear it instead of sliding it up. Annoying but better than lagging.

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Mîdnîght TA, no i use mobile ( and yh i clear chat but when i push by mistake i kinda lag alot . and hiding it isnt the best choice , everyone around u chatting and u looking , lol at them , even in fights there is breaks to write something . 

like a leader telling not to kill someone and u be like (Oops its 2 late , i hide chat before fighting) lol

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Mîdnîght TA,clearing is the worst thingg, huh and if ur in the main spawn life is hell how many times will u clear it? MINIMIZE is the best way go for it believe me

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Why do u guys eat a carrots? Why all pros have them??? WHYYYYYYY I MUST BE MISSING SOMETHING ABOUT CARROTS TELL ME


Karan,gold carrots are the same as eating steak

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Karan, and you can use it as an ingredient to brew Potion of Night Vision.


pocadmin,and invisibility 

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Ey I got to FPS 64 My wifi excellent