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I like the idea of the fire entity cooking raw meat if you toss it in . I tried tossing a piece of raw meat into a fire and it destroyed the meat. But I was thinking it would be really cool if it would cook it for you that way you could make a grill or something and throw a bunch of raw meat into a stone pit with a flammable block as the bottom block =)

Last Death
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I just want to be able to light players and animals on fire:(

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LastDeath, cooked meat from fire would be nice!  =)

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Hakuin: I like it.

LastDeity: Just set fire under them. It has never stopped Brian.

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Krystella, thanks! 

This is a repea...
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This would be pretty convenient, not gonna lie. Especially if your group is running low on coal and has some steaks or pork chops to spare.