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I think it speaks for it self. When you send someone a friend request you can't cancel it after you send it and only the person getting the friend request will be able to accept or decline invite etc. Also it be nice if you friend changed he's name and you and keep the name to how you want it.... gets confusing and scary when people change there names and you freak out not knowing who they are. 


Floor Pressure Plates IRON door not the bars 1. The door that you need a button or lever for etc. Leather Armor die since we get black white brown pink grey Wool. On the wool topic a bed would be nice so when you die it's return to bed and no spwan... can easy see Bed Warefare XD. Pet wolf's too or horse lol. Fishing would be nice. Neather Portal would be Huge unless it's a secret thus far? (Neather Brick Neather Rack Obsidian) 


Have noticed temples in Dessert ice and rainforest biome why not a sea Temple or sky Temple XD. Clan tags or player Name Colouring? Has Green Outline if friends etc. 

Mob Eggs XD BOWS XD 

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I think this is better: u can sent friend requests and accept them everywhere BUT u can't cancel them out the spawn zone, u can only cancel them in the spawn zone.

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Thank you for the suggestions!

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Just thought of this now also how about Promission texts in your friends list?

Like you friend someone and you click there name and click the setting Icon on there name and grant them Promission to Teleport to you or not.  If there is a tick it means they can teleport to you at anytime or if there is a cross then they can not teleport to you if you are both friends. Kinda like mini admin settings. Less worry or issues lol. 

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Raydermus, yes, we are working on this feature!