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Ya_Boi Luis
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In honor of my best friend and greatest ally


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here lies a great player 

Ya_Boi Luis
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LastDeath, yeah I spent like 12 minutes looking for the netherack that's at the top I remember from a few months back when he was so excited to have found netherack and was showing it to me

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I just put a pumkin and cobweb in a birch cascat

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Luis Khan,In loving memory of bloc guy

R.I.P ????-2017 Link to funeral music


- Jackson -
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Luis Khan, Bloc Guy isn't leaving 

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May he rest peacefully...

ᒪᗴᗰᗝᑎ ᑭᒪᗩǤᑌᗴ ᗪR.
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Rest in peace. Ik this is not the topic but i just wanted to make an addition.

Do you remember Da Prussian guy you met on 0:0? It was me. The guy who always wanted to go to the YOLO base (In the snow mountain) I was that guy.


Im the reason you lost 3k diamonds.

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Just Lemon,Im sorry i just have to do it