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Backpacks are made with 8 pieces of leather, 6 string, and 3 iron ingots and increase players' carrying capacity by 20 slots.

They can be worn in place of a chestplate and can smelt/cook 4 items in the furnace when burned.

Backpacks have the same durability as chain/iron armor, but only give 2 armor points. Also, when destroyed, if the wearer of a backpack doesn't have inventory space for whatever was in it, the contents of the pack are dropped. With that, and with the inability to wear a chestplate while a backpack is in use, I think it's balanced pretty well, but the developers can obviously change the stats however they see fit.

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Great idea buddy!!!! XD

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Love the idea I vote yes

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LastDeath, Thanks! :D

BlueTangs Rock3
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I vote yes! :D although I feel like string(for the backpack straps) should be a part of the crafting recipe. :)

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BlueTangs Rock3, Done! ;)

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BansheePlant, Amazing suggestion! I vote yes!

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Thank you for the agreeable idea!

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Backpacks will make us look like lame mountain climbers.

Your ideas are great but this one is a no.

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Lemon is Sour

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LastDeath, I'm in World of Cubes Forums Now