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Lisa Glotfelty
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I just bought a bunch of Amazon coins from inside Amazon but when I opened game to buy in game coins I had zero Amazon coins balance. I tried looking up help but idk what to do. I can't seem to buy them from Inside the game because then Amazon has too many barriers, between passwerd verification, etc. Just sends me on a never-ending loop (I got a new phone recently and everything has been a fricken mess since then) I have been spending $50 US every month for 3 years since my bf died, we built together so it's sentimental, I cannot lose my chunks. I've tried contacting support here and from in game and that's not working either. Can anybody help me? Is there a solverlab person anymore?

Lisa Glotfelty

Game username: Lydianon


Lydianonia@gmail.com but I think I originally signed up with Lisa.lives@live.com

So how can I access my Amazon coins that I already bought?

Thank you if anyone can help me please. My chunks expire in 2 and 3 days.

I only play creative mode. All my chunks are in the northwest of the map on those islands. I have most chunks on one server and rent a few on another server adjoining those chunks. Also Lydianon plus some random letters the game added, dgmx or something like that

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BlueTangs Rock3
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I dunno, the developers are in hiding right now.

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BlueTangs Rock3, no they went back to woc

i k because an update came out

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Wow, I feel awful for you... I would help if I could, but there's not much that I can do about it sad