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Hey all! Good news for you! We have released new v3.2.1 of Planet of Cubes with bug fixes from v3.2 on Google Play

List of fixes and improvements: 
- Improved the game performance, fixed game freezing (according to Inmobi)
- Fixed chat color change, changed sent messages logic
- Fixed blurred chat messages
- Fixed burning freezing mobs 
- Improved logic with removing arrow
- Fixed shaders: now no pink or violent color of blocks and game world
- Fixed death messages in chat
- Fixed incorrect size of collision box for beetroot blocks
- Decreased Google Play Api level
- Fixed option Enable Cloud
- Fixed bug with incorrect rotate angle of death camera.
- Replaced filtering mode for lava textures (from Bilinear to Point)
- Added new texture of lava

Now go to Google Play and update your devices to the latest v3.2.1!