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So we all know that at this point,Solverlabs adds content to the game,but makes it private until a long time after,so why not add those features publicly on Single player while we're still waiting for them to be in the Multiplayer server? Also Pumpkin terrain generation on the Single player worlds are broken,sometimes i'ld even find pumpkins generated under cactuses,floating on top of rivers,and hovering in mid air. Also why when I mine pumpkins on Single player,they drop pumpkin seeds instead of a pumpkin block like on Multiplayer? Also the terrain on Single player should be more similar to the terrain of the Multiplayer Server,like sure it's better terrain than WoC,but it's a little worse than on PoC Multiplayer. Also the trees in Single Player should be the same tree shapes as on the Multiplayer Server. Also I'm still waiting on the Turkeys,Pumpkinheads,and horses from WoC to be added to PoC.