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Ever since PoC's Survival Multiplayer,WoC has lost popularity,and due to that,the game,and WoC Forums has become a ghost town. They did this because PoC had all the things WoC players wanted for so long,but the developers for some reason never added on WoC. Sure some people(my self included)say that GHE spawn-killing hundreds of people will soon drastically lower PoC's game ratings,then people wouldn't install it when it's a 1-2 star app,and so Solverlabs can't make any more money from it,and so they'll stop developing it,and PoC will die,but Seriously the game that's really actively,and rapidly dying is in fact WoC,because since PoC Survival Multiplayer's release(almost 2 years ago),WoC had only received 1 or 2 updates,while PoC went from v3.0,to the next update being v4.0. There has virtually been no WoC updates,and the WoC Community's literally fading away because it's been almost completely the same update for them for basically 2 years now,and so they feel like the game is abandoned,so they uninstall the game,and leave the Forums,and some might start leaving more bad reviews than good over a long time,and then at some point,WoC will have a low rating,and soon players wouldn't want to play it.

Today, I finally went back to the mostly abandoned ruins of the WoC Forums,and there was a person that like me,realised that WoC was abandoned and there might not be much hope for it to survive. I had to say that Solverlabs is still working on it,but PoC was Solverlab's main Priority,but I deep down I agree with most of what he/she says,but I said it because maybe people will still have hope for a little bit of time,that Solverlabs will hopefully realize what's happened here,and start development back up for WoC,and add things from PoC to WoC to make the two games more balanced out. I'm not saying that Solverlabs should stop PoC development,and only work on WoC,but at least balance their development up please,before one of your games actually dies out!

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Please notice Pocadmin!

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I agree,  and maybe WoC could have stuff from suggestions that were "left behind" like achievements

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I agree

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Thank you guys! We noticed!

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pocadmin, Thanks! yes Solverlabs,please try to liven up WoC and it's Forums up a little bit sometimes though.